Vertical Soccer: football played in the air

You're not afraid of heights and you like football ?

Then you should try vertical soccer !

This is a sport full of action , which combines football and thrills !

You do not know ? JugglePro explains everything about this new sport ...

What is vertical soccer?

This crazy sport was born from a promotional experiment by Adidas in Japan.

Vertical soccer is not played on an ordinary football field , but in the air!

And that's not all, because as the name suggests, vertical football is not played horizontally, but vertically.

Take two teams , suspend them above the ground and play soccer... That's what vertical soccer is!

This new sport is not yet very popular but it continues to create buzz as soon as a game is played around the world, because it is truly spectacular !

What does a game of vertical soccer look like?

Vertical soccer is played on a giant scoreboard painted to look like a miniature soccer field .

There are goal posts attached to both ends and mounted several meters above the ground.

A game can be played 1 versus 1 , 2 versus 2 , or 3 versus 3 .

The players and the ball are suspended by ropes attached to the top of the scoreboard.

And other participants, positioned at the top of the field , ensure the movement of the ball and the players according to the action .

Being a good footballer is not enough to play vertical football , you also need to have acrobatic qualities and not be afraid of heights.

As in football , the objective remains to score as many goals as possible, but this time, you will have to fight against gravity , and try to keep your feet on the pitch ...

Vertical soccer is therefore a fun and sensational sport, which also promises to have a lot of fun with friends ...

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