Homeball, the game that revolutionizes sport!

More than just a sport, Homeball is a revolutionary concept!

An enclosure closed by nets, two teams , five targets on each side and a ball that NEVER leaves the field ...

Innovative , technical and super fun , Homeball is JugglePro 's latest favorite!

You want to know more ?

So find out right away how to play Home Ball ...


Homeball, how is it played?


Two teams compete on a completely enclosed square field of 4m50/4m50, or 6m50/6m50 or 8.50m/8.50m.

The playing area is divided into three parts :

  1. A defensive zone where defenders cannot stay for more than 5 seconds;
  2. A middle zone where the two teams face each other;
  3. An attacking zone that attackers cannot penetrate, since it serves as a defensive zone for the opposing team .

What's great about Homeball is that it exists in 2 versions:

  • HomeFoot that is played with the feet
  • The HomeHand that can be played with your hands

For these 2 practices, the objective is clear: Score the most points in 5 minutes!

The 5 targets measuring 40 cm by 40 cm are at the heart of the game because they replace the classic football and handball goals...

Yellow targets will give your team 1-4 points, while the red target will drop your score to 0.

Use space , stand out and try technical gestures to make a difference! Whether with your feet or your hands , HomeBall promises thrilling games with friends!


Homefoot and Homehand, what are the differences?


In Homeball , the rules are simple and fun but some differences exist between Homefoot and Homehand , that's what you need to remember.

In the handball version of Homeball , if one of the 2 teams has 25 points before the end of the match , it is declared the winner by KO
As in handball , the ball carrier is not allowed to walk or dribble , and he cannot use the nets to make a pass !

In Homeball - Football version , it's a little different: 10 points are enough to win by KO

Players can use the sides to pass or to score with their feet , head or knees ...


Suspenseful , technical and crazy , you know everything about this new game , so what are you waiting for to play Homeball ?