How to play Pingpong with a soccer ball? The HEADIS

Do you like football ? Yes ? All right. Do you like ping pong? Yes also? So very good! We have discovered for you the game that will increase your pleasure tenfold. Headis is the game you need. In addition to being very fun, it attracts by its link between table tennis and football. Moreover, its other name is head tennis. Are you also intrigued by this unusual game? Come on, come with us to discover this beautiful mix of table tennis and football!

Genesis and etymological origin of Headis

Whether it is football or table tennis, these two sports originated in England. They are very popular and are one of the most practiced sports in the world. Many fans everywhere indulge in it. If their origins are British, it is clear that their fusion sees their origin among the German neighbors. And it is the city of the pike, Kaiserslautern which serves as the cradle of the headis. Like many young people, René Wegner, a sports student and football fan, went to the field with friends to kick the ball. Unfortunately, the land was occupied. However, there was an unoccupied tennis table near the field... No need to tell you the rest. It was 2006 and the beginnings of the internet. Thanks to videos published on the internet and on television, the new game spread very quickly. Today there are nearly 80,000 practitioners around the world. Numerous continental and even global headis competitions are organized every year.

To find a name for the new sport, it was simply necessary to use the name of the main part of the body used to play, the head. As with football (foot meaning foot in English), we find head which means head; we add the suffix '' is'' taken from tennis.

Equipment and rules of play

To play headis, you need a ping-pong table. With the exception of the net which is metallic, the table retains the same dimensions as a tennis table. Regarding the ball, it is possible to use a football. However, during competitions, the ball used is somewhat ''special''. Indeed, it is made of rubber, very different from the leather (or synthetic materials) which are used in the manufacture of footballs. Its circumference is 50 cm, slightly smaller than the 70 centimeters of soccer balls. Don't worry, these adjustments only serve to make the games more interesting.

The only part that should play the ball is the head. Two players stand on opposite sides of the table and throw the ball to each other. Games are played in sets of eleven points. To win a set, you need at least two points difference!

Excellent relaxing game, your evenings with friends promise to be very pleasant and fun. Click here to access the HEADIS store.