Discover the intimate connection between Chinlone and Burma with the film Mystic Ball

The Chinlone is the Takraw Ball from Burma, it is made of woven rattan. This sport is often presented as a combination of football, dance and meditation.

Go to Burma, you will not fail to notice the very pronounced presence of Chinlone. In the streets and schools of Rangoon, Mandalay and Pathein, many children indulge in it. It is not only practiced for entertainment purposes, it contributes to the education of children and the edification of young people. We acquire values ​​and physical skills including agility, technical skills and dexterity.

In view of the place in Burmese society, Greg Hamilton, a famous American director, decided to introduce the world to the intimate link between chinlone and Burma through the film Mystic ball. This title is quite evocative of the extent of the phenomenon in the minds of the Burmese. Moreover, the idea of ​​releasing the film in the cinema was born from the passion that the director developed for sport.


A somewhat autobiographical film, Mystic Ball traces part of the life of Greg Hamilton. His almost obsessive passion for Chinlone which he learned with great will, the thirst to win, his individualism then the birth of a team spirit, and above all his great desire to win and accomplish great things for the chinlone which occupies a place in its own right in the hearts of the Burmese, but also in his own. The difficulties will be nothing compared to the determination of our hero. Through Chinlone, Greg will experience situations he never imagined he would encounter, a life he never dreamed of. It will also discover elements that in one way or another bring happiness to an individual's life. Greg will know the meaning of family and community life, but also the love without which life is not worth living.

Beyond being a cinematographic work, Mysctic Ball is also a fascinating and inspiring story which will undoubtedly awaken an ounce of affection for Chinlone and Burma. We therefore strongly invite you to see it or rewatch it! To purchase the DVD click here .

Mystic Ball - Extract from the Film

Another film about Chinlone, “La Bola – Chinlone”, produced by Pindorama Filmes. Superb images to discover the game of Chinlone and Burma: