Soccer Squash: presentation of a new game that is all the rage

When you were kids, maybe you played catch against the wall ? Well now that game is a sport called Soccer Squash ! Do you want to find out why this new discipline is booming in Northern Europe? JugglePro tells you everything about Soccer Squash !

What is squash football?

As its name suggests, squash football is a combination of football and squash .

We play 1 against 1 with a special SoccerSquash ball on a squash court .

It is not essential to have an excellent level of football to have fun and everyone can play it…

Soccer squash is used in training in many football clubs because it is ideal for improving:

  • Footwork ;
  • Endurance ;
  • Speed ​​;
  • Reflexes .

This new sport is currently experiencing rapid growth as it is a perfect low-cost alternative to filling squash halls ...

How is soccer squash played?

As in classic squash , the goal of football squash is to shoot the ball to make it bounce against the wall while ensuring that the opponent does not succeed in returning it.

It is forbidden to use arms or hands, otherwise a point will be awarded to your opponent .

The ball can only bounce once, but you can hit it three times in a row.

It is therefore possible to control and even juggle before shooting !

To speed up the game, the ball can be returned immediately without bouncing first.

Just like squash , soccer squash is an intense and very fast sport.

Your endurance , your strategy and your technique with the ball will be exploited to the maximum to win !

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