Roller Soccer: playing football on rollerblades

Roller Soccer: everything about roller soccer

Do you like roller skating? and you like football ?

Did you know that it is possible to do both at the same time?

Try Roller Soccer and you will have a blast!

Halfway between football , hockey and roller skating , this new sport is causing a sensation among riders who are fans of football !

You want to know more ?

Read our article and you will know everything about the improbable meeting between Roller skating and Soccer

What is Roller Soccer?

Created in 1990 in San Francisco, Roller Soccer or Roller-foot is a derivative of football which is played with rollerblades .

A sport of balance , speed and tactics , Roller Soccer is the perfect mix between football , ice hockey and rollerblades .

This game will surprise you because you will progress in rollerblading without necessarily realizing it.

Your reactions will become faster and changes of direction , reversals , avoidance , braking will no longer hold any secrets for you...

On the other hand, for footballers , the sensations will be very different from football .

It will be difficult for you to lift or control the ball because in roller skating you will not have much support.

Notice to the brave who will attempt a volley ...

How to play Roller Soccer?

First of all, you must have a good level of rollerblading .

This will allow you to get started quickly and focus on the game and your team .

Because we must not forget that Roller Soccer is also a team sport !

Having team spirit , following tactics , anticipating opposing actions and counter-attacking are part of the game .

In terms of rules , the objective is very simple: score as many goals as possible !

But there are some particularities compared to classic football :

  • A game lasts twice 25 minutes ;
  • Teams are made up of 5 to 10 players and substitutions are unlimited ;
  • The ground, made of tar, must preferably be closed;
  • You can play using the bounce of the ball against the walls ;
  • The goalkeeper cannot stop the ball with his hands but only with his feet ;
  • Throw-ins and corners are not permitted;
  • Tackles are prohibited;
  • Free kicks and penalties are played like football ;
  • Be careful of yellow cards and red cards because the contacts are a little rough...

Fair play and speed will therefore be present in your Roller Soccer games and fun is guaranteed !

So what are you waiting for, put on your skates and chase your ball ?

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