Juggling a soccer ball? Our professional advice

4 tips for juggling a ball like a pro

When you play football , knowing how to juggle is a pleasure and it's essential to impress your friends...

But before getting there, it takes a lot of work and a little courage !

Do you want to quickly become a juggling champion ?

So read this article and our tips for juggling like a pro ...

Tip #1: practice regularly to learn to juggle

Becoming a football juggling pro cannot be improvised!

Progressing in this area is long-term work that requires a lot of commitment .

To reach a good level , we recommend training :

  1. For 10 minutes during your warm-up routine before training session or before your match ;

  2. During your recovery sequences for 5 minutes;

  3. At the end of the training session for 10 minutes before returning to the locker room.

The goal is to do as many consecutive juggles as possible with the obligation to place the striking foot on the ground after each touch of the ball .

You can perform juggling series with all parts of the body: feet, shoulders , knees , heads depending on your level.

Repeat these exercises every week and your technical progress will be dazzling!

Your mastery of the ball will allow you to have fun quickly...

Football training rope handle

Tip No. 2: gradually work on your reflexes and agility

Although juggling seems difficult at first, the keys to success are regular practice and perseverance .

We advise you to train by gradually reaching these levels:

Level 1 exercise: start juggling with the ball in hand

Hold the ball with your hands in front of you at chest height.

Let it go and let it bounce .

After the rebound , kick with your dominant foot so that it rises in the air at the level of your chest.

Keep your ankle “locked” and your knees slightly bent so you are perfectly balanced .

This will help you control the ball better.

Practice this exercise until you can catch the ball in front of you without bending or barely extending your hands.

Step 2 exercise: learn to juggle with both feet

Release the ball and let it bounce .

Throw it vertically with the right foot tilted slightly upwards.

Drop the ball and throw it with your left foot .

Catch the ball when you have hit it once with both feet .

Repeat the exercise , this time hitting the ball with both feet twice in a row, then catch the ball.

Then try kicking him three times with each foot, then four times, etc.

You will have mastered this step when you can juggle with both feet indefinitely.

Level 3 exercise: start juggling with the ball placed on the ground

Place your kicking foot on the ball.

Roll your foot along the ball just hard enough to create backspin .

Place your toe under the ball , and let it roll toward the top of your foot .

Immediately hit the ball vertically, as if you want to catch it with your hands.

Every time the ball drops, don't pick it up!

Use your foot to roll the ball over your shoelaces and start juggling again.

Level 4 exercise: juggle using other parts of the body

To head juggle , throw the ball with your hands about 1 meter above you.

Move under the ball , your back should be straight and your hips allow you to adjust your body position .

Your legs should be parallel but slightly offset; for example, right leg in front and left leg behind.

Push your legs upwards and use your forehead to bounce the ball.

Be focused on the ball and do as many juggles as possible...

Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes before each training session , you'll be juggling like a pro in no time!

Tip No. 3: juggling a ball requires concentration

Mastering juggling with your feet or head requires following a few rules.

Your attention must be constantly focused on the ball but also on your body and your movements .

Here are some tips to follow without losing your concentration :

To juggle like a pro with your feet , you need to check the following points:

  • Toe stretched;
  • Locked ankle ;
  • Hit the ball under and over the middle;
  • Supporting leg semi-flexed;
  • Resume your support after each contact with the ball ;
  • Gaze fixed on the ball ;
  • Arms slightly apart for better balance .

To juggle like a pro with the head , you must check the following points:

  • Contact centered with the forehead ;
  • Head tilted backwards;
  • Give the impulse with the legs ;
  • Mobility of supports to position yourself under the ball ;
  • Watch the ball constantly;
  • Arms slightly apart for balance

Tip No. 4: progress through sports derived from football

On our JugglePro site , we like to introduce you to ball sports from the four corners of the world: Takraw , Chinlone , Peteca , Plumfoot , Dacau , Jianzi , Footbag , Hacky Sack ... etc.

Among these disciplines , some are ideal for developing your reflexes and coordination for foot juggling:

We can cite for example:

Jianzi or Plumfoot : a game of Chinese origin which consists of juggling a feather from all parts of the body except the hands!

The Footbag also called Hacky Sack : from the USA, a juggling game with the feet using a small leather or synthetic fiber ball of approximately 8 cm in diameter; ideal for improving your concentration and precision .

Takraw or Chinlone : ​​foot juggling game from South East Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Philippines, etc.), the ball is made of rattan or synthetic materials, a sport combining football, dance and Kungfu!

And of course Freestyle Football!