Swamp Soccer, football in the slush

If you are one of the soccer players who gets dolled up before a match, or who likes to keep their jerseys clean, then Swamp Soccer is not for you!


On the other hand, if wading through a swamp and throwing yourself at your opponent to get the ball doesn't scare you, then you'll love mud soccer ...


JugglePro , the best store dedicated to ball sports, tells you everything about Swamp Soccer .

What is Swamp Soccer?


Swamp Soccer , called in French Foot de mud , is a team sport derived from traditional football.

But the great particularity of this game concerns the terrain, because it is covered with a thickness of 30 to 50 centimeters of mud.


In addition, the field is not strictly identical over its entire surface area unlike other sports. Indeed, some places are less muddy which allows players to run faster, while other parts of the field are so wet and deep that movement is almost impossible.

Moreover, it is not uncommon to see players swimming the front crawl to move forward or the goalie slowly sinking up to their waists in the mud.

In short, Swamp Soccer is a totally crazy, fun, and dirty sport.


What are the rules of Swamp Soccer?


Although it is a sport derived from football, Swamp Soccer has slightly different rules.


First of all, the number of players is not 11 but 6 per team and teams can be mixed.

Then, the matches last 24 minutes and they are broken down into two 12-minute halves.

Furthermore, contact between players is allowed and it is allowed to knock down your opponent.

On the other hand, for each foul or painful blow, the offender must kiss the sore part of the injured player, and continue to play for one minute with a bag on his head.


Finally, the custom after a match of Swamp Soccer is to jump into icy water. Moreover, showers are specially made available for the bravest before going to the sauna!