Street Soccer: 5-a-side football like you've never seen it!

Before becoming professionals , everyone went through Street Soccer .

Zidane , Ronaldo , Messi … who has never played street football ?
Much more than just a child's game , street football is universal and has experienced a strong resurgence since the appearance of city stadiums !

JugglePro , the ball sports specialist, takes a closer look at Street Soccer !

How to play Street Soccer?

Playing Street Soccer does not necessarily require very sophisticated equipment, because as its name suggests, it is a street sport !

Two teams of 5 players compete on a small field and for a shorter duration than a traditional match ( 2x25 minutes ).
A vacant lot , a parking lot , an alley or a city stadium ... you can play anywhere.
A football size 3 to 5, four objects to make the goals and the game can begin!

What are the rules of Street Soccer?

Street Soccer is a variation of traditional football , but the objective remains the same:

Score as many goals as possible!

Score as many goals as possible!

The game can be won if one of the two teams manages to score 25 goals first.

In the event of a tie at the end of regulation time , penalties apply.

To start the game , we toss a coin and the lot decides which team can start the match .

For corners and leaving the field , everything happens like in football but we take the throw-in by hand .

You will tell me: so far, it looks a lot like football anyway?!

And yet some differences exist…
For example :

  • Offside does not exist in street football !
  • Penalties are taken from midfield .
  • After a goal , the throw-in takes place from the cages where the goal was scored.
  • If the ball goes out and then returns to the court due to a bounce , then play continues .


On the other hand, as in football , only the goalkeeper can use his hands , only in his area , to make a save or to restart the ball .

If there is a foul , the player can be excluded for 4 minutes without being replaced .
But if he does it again, it's permanent exclusion !

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