Footgolf for children: a new way to play football with the family!

Playing footgolf in your backyard with friends is a great idea to spend time outdoors and have fun while improving your soccer skills. Here's how you can create a footgolf course at home:

  1. Determine location: Choose a location with a flat surface and enough space to create obstacles and challenges. You can use cones, sticks or everyday objects to mark off the start and finish areas.

  2. Place the holes: You can use hoops, buckets or baskets to create holes. Holes should be placed at different distances and in different directions to create varying levels of difficulty.

  3. Create obstacles: use cones, balls, chairs or other objects to create obstacles on the course. Children can jump over them or around them.

  4. Play as a team or individually: Children can play individually or in teams. Each player or team takes turns and scores points based on the number of strokes needed to reach the hole.

  5. Vary the rules: To make the game more interesting, you can add additional rules, such as the requirement to play with the opposite foot or hit the ball with one touch.

By creating a footgolf course at home, children can have fun while developing their soccer skills. They can also learn to work in a team, improve their concentration and make quick decisions.

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