Bossaball: football, volleyball and a giant trampoline!

Are you looking for a team sport that is played on an inflatable surface ?
JugglePro has found it for you and it's called Bossaball !
To be practiced with family or friends , this hybrid sport combines volleyball , football , trampoline , etc.

You want to know more ?
So jump without hesitation to our article to discover Bossaball !

What is Bossaball?

Invented in Belgium 15 years ago, Bossaball is a spectacular sport , which mixes several sporting disciplines in a fun musical atmosphere .
Its inventor chose this name because he was very attached to South American culture and Bossa Nova ...

He therefore created a unique sport which combines:

  • football because you can play with your feet;
  • volleyball because you can also return the ball over the net with your hands;
  • the trampoline since the player in the center is on a trampoline...
  • and for the music it's the referee , who is on the decks, because he serves as a DJ !

How do you play Bossaball?

Bossaball can be played indoors or outdoors on a surface capable of accommodating an inflatable structure .
The playing field is separated by a volleyball net , and on each side, a trampoline is integrated into the center of a giant inflatable tube .
A game is played between two teams of three to five Bossaballers .
A player is in the center of the field on the trampoline and his teammates will do everything to pass him the ball so that he can follow up with a smatch or an acrobatic return !

After a team's kick serve , opposing players are allowed eight touches of the ball before returning the ball to the other side of the net .

If the ball hits the opponent's trampoline , you score three points.

And if it hits the area around the trampoline , called BossaWall , you will have a single point.

To win the match , you must win two sets of 25 points each, with a two- point difference .
Technique , tactics and speed will be there in a supercharged musical atmosphere ...
So jump at the opportunity, as soon as you can, to play Bossaball !