Football billiards, Playing billiards with your feet: some practical information

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If you are passionate about football and are looking for cool ideas to spend an afternoon or evening with friends, we advise you to try the game of Football Billiards, also called Football Pool, Pollball, Snookfoot or Snookball depending on the country. .

The billiard balls are replaced by footballs, the rules of the game are identical to those of billiards, with the many variations which characterize this game.

It is the registered trademark Snookball which initiated this sport in France. Conceptualized by two French people, Aurélien and Samuel, the Snookball tables are manufactured in a workshop in France, they measure 3m60 x 6m60 and are a guarantee of quality for bounces on the walls

There are also many other types of tables, generally made in China, sold individually. It will cost around 1500 Euros for a PVC model, between 2600 and 3600 Euros for a Plywood plywood table. The most economical model remains the inflatable solution, between 800 and 1200 Euros depending on the size and design. Estimated price based on CE certified factories present on the European and American markets.

Ingenious dads can also try their hand at building a homemade Billiard Football table, to install in the garden, to the delight of the children. Given the budget to spend on the table and on the balls, this is undoubtedly the most clever solution, while involving your child in the construction 😊.

You can get the set of 16 balls from JugglePro , currently available in Size 2 for children, but also available in Size 5 for adults to order.

The investment in a table is not negligible, we advise you first to test the game with friends. Many centers of attraction have added Billiards Football to their program

The town of Deville-lès-Rouen has a beautiful infrastructure . You will also find courts in cities like Mulhouse or Lyon, at the Sport Break in Montpellier, at the Easy Rider Park in Saintes , at the YAKA JOUER in La Rochelle, the list grows every year.

If you live in Marseille, Nice, Toulon, Aix en Provence, Montpellier or Avignon, the Locagame company offers a rental solution for 300 Euros per day.

One last piece of advice: invest in a Snookball or Snookfoot and rent it, already launched by Cédric in Lys-lez-Lannoy on placedelaloc !

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