Football power 2, How to play Jorkyball? Presentation of the game and rules

Jorkyball. Football and squash, how does it work?

 Do you like the technicality of football and the intensity of squash ?

 Then you will love Jorkyball !

 A game made up of oppositions , movements and percussions , Jorkyball is gaining more and more fans...

 You want to know more ? so read this article because we tell you everything about this indoor ball game that is all the rage!

What is Jorkyball?

Created in 1987, Jorkyball is a perfect mix of football and squash .

In Jorkyball , you don't need to bring together 11 players to have fun , nor do you need to find a large field .

Two teams of two players compete on a mini-field measuring 5 meters by 10 meters in synthetic turf .

The area is delimited by Plexiglas walls and a net on the ceiling to play with the bounce of the ball which is 14cm in diameter.

The field is divided by lines which indicate the areas of engagement of each team and the place from which free kicks and penalties are taken.

With this sport , your reflexes , your technique and your cardio will be put to the test for 45 minutes because there is little downtime .

So it’s a fairly physical and fun sport that you’ll want to play again!

Jorkyball rules

Fair play is the philosophy of Jorkyball .

It is forbidden to enter the opposing engagement zone .

Tackles and contact between players are banned.

 If a player places a hand or knee on the ground, this causes a stoppage of play and awards a free kick to the opposing team .

Finally, the team that scores a goal starts the game again (unlike in football).

To win the match , you must win 3 sets by scoring 7 goals .

If the two teams are tied (2 sets each), then we play a fifth and final set .

During this last march , a difference of two goals is necessary to determine the winner.

If this gap is not noted and the score is 7 to 6 for example, then you must continue to score goals up to 11.

Beyond the 11 goals in this 5th set, if the difference of 2 goals has still not been noted, it is then necessary to move on to penalties . Five penalties per team will be awarded to determine the winner .

So, are you ready to embark on a crazy game of Jorkyball ?

Go to the official website of the French Jorkyball federation :