Backyard Football Games 🌱: The Ultimate Guide for Football Schools, Personal Coaches and Ball Enthusiasts ⚽️

Football is not just about big stadiums. Your garden 🌳 can become the next playground for hours of fun and training!

Discover our selection of the best football games to try now.

1. 1 Against 1 with Two Small Goals 🥅:

  • Goal of the game: Score as many goals as possible by dribbling past your opponent.
  • Equipment: Two small goals, a ball.
  • Benefits: Development of dribbling and defending skills
2. Pétanque Football ⚽️🎳:
  • Aim of the game: Get as close as possible to a small ball (the jack) by pulling or rolling a football.
  • Materials: A small ball like a jack, footballs.
  • Benefits: Improved accuracy and strategy.

Foot football Pétanque

3. Tennis Ball 🏐⚽️:

  • Aim of the game: Exchange the ball over a net without it touching the ground.
  • Equipment: A net, a ball.
  • Benefits: Reactivity, coordination and aerial control of the ball.

4. Billiards Football 🎱⚽️:

  • Aim of the game: Put the balls in the pockets like in billiards, by hitting them with your feet.
  • Equipment: A large table without obstacles, specific balloons (available on ).
  • Benefits: Precision, control and strategy.

Football Billiards

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5. Rebound Net 🔄:

  • Aim of the game: Pass and control the ball after it bounces on a net.
  • Equipment: A rebound net, a ball.
  • Benefits: Improved passing technique and control.

6. Footgolf ⛳⚽️:

  • Goal of the game: Reach a target hole in as few kicks as possible.
  • Material: A ball, holes or targets.
  • Benefits: Precision, striking force.

Footgolf football golf

7. Football Freestyle 🎨⚽️:

  • Aim of the game: Perform figures of speech while juggling. Can be played with several people by passing the ball around while juggling
  • Material: A balloon.
  • Benefits: Dexterity, creativity, coordination.

Freestyle Soccer

8. Bowling Football 🎳⚽️:

  • Aim of the game: Knock down pins with a ball.
  • Equipment: Skittles, ball.
  • Benefits: Precision, typing technique.

9. Cuju 🏀⚽️:

  • Goal of the game: Score by aiming for a high basket.
  • Equipment: A basket, a ball.
  • Benefits: Aerial control, precision.

10. Headis 🏓⚽️:

  • Aim of the game: Swap the ball with the head on a ping-pong table.
  • Equipment: Ping-pong table, bouncing ball.
  • Benefits: Reflexes, coordination.

Ping Pong Football

11. Harpastum 🏉⚽️:

  • Aim of the game: Transport a ball beyond an opponent's line.
  • Equipment: A ball, a marked out area.
  • Benefits: Endurance, teamwork.

12. Skillball 🌀:

  • Aim of the game: Perform figures of speech and technical gestures with a ball attached to a rope.
  • Equipment: A skillball (ball attached to a rope).
  • Benefits: Coordination, control of both feet, rhythm.

Senseball Skillball soccer ball with rope

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13. Football Darts 🎯:

  • Aim of the game: Aim at an inflatable target with a ball, like a game of darts.
  • Material: A large inflatable target, Velcro balloons or regular balloons.
  • Benefits: Precision, concentration, striking force.

Football Football dart garden

Educational interest for young footballers 👶⚽️:

Getting involved in football at a young age with the ambition of becoming a professional requires rigor, discipline and hours of practice. Integrating fun games can transform this practice into moments of pleasure. Indeed, these games, while being entertaining, emphasize essential skills such as technical mastery, precision, and coordination of both feet.

For football schools and trainers 🏫📋:

It is crucial to maintain a high level of motivation among young learners. Incorporating fun games into technical workshops can break the monotony and stimulate enthusiasm. Coaches and training centers who adopt a fun approach often see improved technique, better participation and increased engagement from players.

The benefits of outdoor games 🌞:

In the digital age, where screens monopolize free time, offering children stimulating alternatives is essential for their physical and mental development. Playing these backyard soccer games not only promotes physical activity, but also strengthens social bonds, creativity and coordination. It's a breath of fresh air, literally and figuratively.

Conclusion 🎉:

Whether it's a child dreaming of the biggest stadiums or a football school looking to enhance its programs, these games provide the perfect combination of fun and learning. Most can be played with a simple soccer ball, making the adventure accessible to everyone. So why not turn off that screen and enjoy a fun and educational session in your garden?