Hungerball Football: a new flavor of Football

A new sport has been all the rage since 2015 in New Zealand!
Its name: Hungerball Football .

There is no coincidence if this name makes you think of the famous film The Hunger Games , where the characters fought for their survival, because that is where this new game was born...

So what does this funny sport derived from football have in store for us?

Juggle Pro tells you everything about a game from the other side of the world...

How is Hungerball Football played?

Hungerball football is played in an inflatable circular arena with six mini-goals inside.
Everyone is equidistant from each other and nets surround the structure called the cage!

Games can be played between 2 to 6 players . Only one ball is used, but each player must defend their own cage without using their hands.

The 360-degree gameplay offers a challenging football- based experience and games play at a fast-paced pace.

The rules are varied and they offer players a wide variety of scenarios...

What are the rules of Hungerball Football?

There are currently three ways to play Hungerball football .

  1. “Competition” mode:
    A game lasts 10 to 15 minutes, and the person who has the best difference between goals scored and goals conceded wins the match.
  2. The “elimination” mode:
    After conceding two or three goals, the player is eliminated until only one remains!
  3. “Social” or team mode:
    During social games , players use a rapid rotation system where whoever concedes a goal is then replaced until there are no more players on the team.

The basic rules must be followed regardless of the game mode chosen, and the regulations provide that:

  • A roll of the dice determines which player has the ball at the faceoff.
  • The other players must remain in their goals until the ball has been touched after the kick-off.
  • Touching the ball with hands is prohibited and players are free to score in any of the other goals in the arena.
  • For each goal, one point is added to the scorer and one point is taken away from the defender.
  • Scoring an own goal counts as a goal conceded only.
  • The player who concedes a goal puts the ball back into play
  • Any foul is punished by a penalty shot into the empty goal of the guilty player by the offending player .

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