Golbang, Football of the 21st century?

Focus on Golbang: concept and rules of the game

After Jorkyball and Footgolf , here is a new discipline derived from football : Golbang !

You don't know this football game which is played 3 against 3 on a single goal .

It's absolutely brilliant and you can play it anywhere!

You want to know more ?

At JugglePro we tell you everything about this new sport straight from the 21st century...

The concept of Golbang

The concept of Golbang is very simple!

Two teams of 3 players compete on a half-field of 5-a-side football in a thrilling attack-defense system.

You can play it with a standard soccer ball (size 5) or even a volleyball .

The defenders protect a goal measuring 4 meters by 2.20 meters and have a triangular zone into which the attackers are not allowed to enter. 

It’s the famous Golbang Arena !

This derivative of football is a clever mix:

  • Handball thanks to the Golbang arena ;
  • Volleyball or tennis because the number of touches of the ball is limited to energize the rhythm of the game.

Golbang can be practiced on any terrain , outdoors or indoors .

Basketball , handball , or football field in synthetic turf or hard , it doesn’t matter…

All you have to do is mark out the Golden arena with chalk or a tape and the game can begin!

Very fast and intense , Golbang is an excellent sport for training your technique and your efficiency on goal . In addition its rules are really very simple, you will see...

Golbang: the rules of the game

A golbang game lasts 30 minutes , divided into two 15-minute halves .

Three Golbangers are in attack facing two Golblockers and a Golbuster in the cage .

The teams reverse their attacker/defender roles each period and the number of goals scored is totaled at the end.

Simple so far…

Where it gets tricky is that:

  • On the defense side, the three players cannot leave the Golbang Arena

  • On the attack side, the Goldbangers are prohibited from entering the defense zone and above all they are only allowed one touch of the ball before shooting .

You will therefore have to be precise and efficient because the triangle zone allows you to approach within 2 meters of the cages just as it can take you 6 meters away from them…

One second of inattention, one good pass and that's the goal !

Golbang, what to remember...

In summary, Golbang is a new version of 3-on-3 football whose simple and innovative rules make it accessible to everyone !

If you like diving headers , passes and volleys , the Golgbang is for you!

Want to play it? or to know other sports to have fun with your friends ?

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