Futsal: the 6 benefits for your ball game

Futsal is a spectacular sport from South America , which is a hit with all football fans .
He owes his popularity to stars such as Ronaldinho or Ricardinho , but also to the speed and technicality of the game!
In addition to entertainment , this sport is excellent for the health , technique and mentality of all footballers ...
Want to know more ?
So now discover the 6 benefits of Futsal for your physical condition and your ball game !

Futsal works your cardio

Futsal requires significant physical ability regardless of your position in the match .
The result is a lot of running and effort with little break , which will push you to work on your breathing and stimulate your recovery capacity .

In addition, depending on the intensity , duration and frequency of your training sessions , futsal will really help you progress in terms of cardio .
A major asset for match days !

Learn new technical movements while playing futsal

As the dimensions of the field are reduced , each participant touches the ball more during matches .
The repetition of gestures is more frequent, which contributes to making progress for all technical gestures .
In addition, the Futsal ball is smaller than a size 5 model, which requires perfect technical mastery !

Even without possession of the ball, motor coordination will be amply required, because you will always have to be available for your teammates .
Other physical skills like flexibility, balance and agility are also required for better dribbling , passing and shooting in all positions .

Gain muscle mass thanks to Futsal

During Futsal sessions, energy expenditure is increased, and it is associated with significant muscular work.
Burning calories reduces body fat and lower muscles such as the quadriceps and hamstrings are constantly stressed.
The number of calories lost can go up to 700 per match , however the loss remains variable depending on the intensity and frequency of your efforts .
In addition, Futsal works several muscle groups and mainly the lower limbs.
This stimulus causes muscle fibers to grow and increase , which helps in gaining strength and muscle mass .

Futsal, an excellent sport for the mind

As in all sports , the practice of futsal promotes the release of hormones reducing stress and anxiety .
Among its hormones , there are endorphin and serotin which are known to improve the quality of sleep and contribute to good mood .
In addition, Futsal gives you the opportunity to meet other people and make a good group of friends ..., so it is an excellent sport for your well-being at all levels.

Develop new tactics thanks to Futsal

As the field is smaller , pressing and marking the opponent are essential.
Good reasoning , rigor , but also creativity will be required so that you can make the right decisions .
Futsal will allow you to develop your game and apply many tactics if you want to score and help your team win .

Futsal teaches respect, discipline and team spirit

Fair play , respect , good spirit , Futsal carries all these values ​​even if the matches are hotly contested .
As in 11-a- side football , team spirit is also present since it is by progressing together that your team can win !


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