Gaelic football, a mix of Rugby and football

If you're a fan of Gaelic sport, you've probably heard of Gaelic football, one of the biggest traditional sports played in Ireland. A sport which is both a mixture of Rugby and European football.

What is Gaelic football?

Gaelic football is a sport of Irish origin that resembles a mixture of Rugby and European football. It is the most popular sport played in Ireland and has roots in Irish culture. It descends from an ancient sport similar to football called Caid which dates back to 1537. Gaelic football is a traditional sport controlled by the GAA, the Gaelic Athletic Association which is the largest Irish sporting association.

Gaelic football rules

The rules of Gaelic football are very strict. Although Gaelic football is a mixture of rugby and European football, it is less violent than the latter two, as tackling and tackling are prohibited. The first rule is that of the non-transferable player. A player can only play in one team throughout his life and that is his county team.

The game is played on a rectangular shaped field with 130 m width and 145 m length. The ball has a round shape like a European football, but with a volleyball appearance. During the game a player cannot take more than four steps without dribbling the ball like in basketball. If the player continues with the ball after dribbling, he must perform a solo, that is, he must bounce the ball on his own foot and then recover it with his hand. During the race the player must therefore take 4 steps + 1 dribble + 4 steps + 1 solo, so on.

The game lasts 60 minutes and is divided into two parts of 30 minutes each. If the players are tied at the end of 60 minutes then there is a 20 minute overtime with two halves of 10 minutes each. Gaelic football is a sport that is played with 15 players per team like Rugby. The players are distributed as follows:

  • 1 goalkeeper
  • 2 full backs (corner back)
  • 1 center back (full back)
  • 3 backs (half back)
  • 2 midfielders (mid fielder)
  • 3 half centers (half forward)
  • 2 wingers (corner forward)
  • 1 center forward (full forward)

To win, you have to score the most points through the H-shaped posts. If the ball passes between the posts over the bar then it counts as 1 point. If it passes under the bar (cage) between the posts then we say that the player has scored 1 goal or 3 points. At the end of the match, the number of points for a team is noted as 2-15 for 2 goals and 15 points or 21 points.

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