Foot Darts: the new fun activity for Footers!

Want to test your precision with the ball on your feet...

Do you know Foot Darts ? The clever mix of Football and darts .

If you want to know more, JugglePro tells you everything about a game that will delight you!

What is Foot Darts?

Foot Darts or Football Darts is the perfect marriage between darts and Football .
A giant inflatable structure serves as a target and the darts have been replaced by balloons .
Address, precision and strength when shooting will be required to score as many points as possible!

We find the same points system as for a classic darts game , ranging from 1 to 20 depending on your precision. Games can be played between 2 and 6 players.

Like darts , everyone takes turns shooting and aiming for the center of the target to score the most points!

Football or shooting enthusiasts will be able to practice and challenge themselves during thrilling games full of pleasure.

Who is Foot Darts for?

Foot Darts is now a very trendy game !
Sporting events, corporate challenges or public events, Football Darts is an ultra-entertaining activity, which will appeal to young and old, whether you are sporty or not.

Balloons replace arrows so there is no risk other than having fun with friends for hours...

No shocks or mistakes, Foot Darts is above all a fun game reserved for those who want to have fun!