Play Teqball? The game's rules

The rules of Teqball: ping-pong football

On JugglePro , we love to introduce you to new sports !

Today, we are going to tell you about a discipline that is both spectacular and which will perfectly complement your football training : it's Teqball !

Little known to the general public, this sport has experienced a meteoric rise since Ronaldinho became its ambassador.

Do you want to know everything about Teqball ? So read on...

What is Teqball?

Invented in 2015, teqball is a sport halfway between football and table tennis .

It is played using a Teqboard , which is a kind of ping-pong table curved to facilitate the bounce of the ball towards the players .

You can play with any soccer ball and one thing is certain: you will develop your agility and coordination while having fun !

What are the rules of Teqball?

The rules of the Teqball game are very simple and quite similar to ping pong :

  • The ball must be returned to the opponent 's side by touching it at least once;
  • You score a point if your opponent does not return the ball by bouncing it once on your side;
  • The opponent and equipment must not be hit;
  • The ball cannot be controlled by the same body part twice in a row;
  • No one may touch the ball more than three times before returning it to their opponent ;
  • A game is played in 12 points;
  • The players alternate serving every 4 points ;
  • The serve can be performed with any part of the body (except the hands);
  • You can play two (singles game), three (Canadian doubles), four (doubles) or even more like ping-pong .

But teqball can also be played based on the rules established by the players themselves, so let your imagination run wild and have fun!