Ball tennis, the rules of the game

Ball tennis: the rules of the game

Ball tennis , also called futnet or football tennis , is a sport derived from football that is both fun and technical .

We all have in mind the images of the games that football stars play after their training ....

But did you know that ball tennis is a sport in its own right , ideal for having fun and developing your ball technique ?

Jugglepro , the specialist in sports inspired by football , tells you everything about this little-known sport .

What is Ball Tennis?

It's simply playing ball over a tennis net .

The goal of the game is simple because you have to throw the ball into the opposing camp , with your head or foot , in such a way that it never bounces twice in a row.

Younger children understand the principle of the game very quickly and can have fun quickly .

The rules can be modified depending on your level.

Few resources are necessary:

  • a size 5 football ;
  • a net stretched between two 1.10m posts or even a barrier or a bench;
  • any area where the ground is flat: gymnasium, tennis court, city center square, parking lot, etc.

Ball tennis: the rules of the game.

A ball tennis match consists of two winning sets of 11 points .

A team wins the set if it is the first to score 11 points with a minimum difference of 2 points (11 to 9) and the game continues as long as the minimum difference of 2 points is not reached (12 to 10, 13 to 11 , 14 to 12 etc.).

You can play singles , doubles or triples and the teams can be mixed .

When the ball arrives in your court, you can return it with your head or foot , before it hits the ground “ on the fly ” or after a single bounce .

If the ball bounces twice in a row , or if the player fails to return it within the limits of the opponent's field, the opposing team scores a point .

The serve is done from the engagement zone diagonally like in tennis but you throw the ball with your foot passing over the net .

When serving , you can hit the ball in different ways:

  • on the fly ;
  • after a rebound ;
  • in drop-goal ;
  • directly the ball placed on the ground .

In singles , the player is allowed two consecutive touches of the ball and the ball can bounce before the second touch.

In doubles , the team is allowed a total of three touches of the ball before returning the ball to the other side of the net but each player is allowed only one touch of the ball .

Passing between teammates is permitted with all parts of the body except the hands.

In the event of a pass between players, the ball must under no circumstances touch the ground .

If it rebounds before being returned by your teammate , then the team that does not have the ball scores a point .

The team that wins the point has service for the next point.

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