Bubble football, the rules of the game

Bubble soccer, to have fun with your friends

Another fun way to play football .

Do you know Bubble soccer ?

This new sport which consists of playing football while being enclosed in a large inflatable and transparent ball .

Transformed into a real bouncing ball , prepare to be thrown in all directions...

For fun with friends , there's nothing better than this explosive new game !

Want to know more before you get started?

Jugglepro explains everything you need to know to play it...

What are the rules for playing bubble football?

The rules of Bubble resemble those of classic football with the addition of bubbles .

Like in football , you have to defeat the opposing team by scoring as many goals as possible.

A goal can be scored from anywhere on the field but it is not allowed to score from a throw-in such as a throw-in or a corner .

Bubble games are played from 3v3 up to 11v11 .

For 3 vs 3 matches , the flying goal is authorized.

In 4 versus 4 or more, the goalkeeper must stay in a specific zone which is marked out on the ground.

It is prohibited to tackle or push a player on the ground who is trying to get up.

Contacts are made from the front or side, never from the back because that is a mistake !

Bubble kicks and leg tackles are strictly prohibited .


On the other hand, attackers can hit the goalkeeper and he too can push his opponents .

The particularities of Bubble football

What makes the difference with classic football is the bubble that must be preserved!

Bubble football can be played indoors or outdoors but we prefer to play on natural or synthetic grass pitches .

Playing on asphalt or in sand is not recommended because the bubbles are fragile against this type of surface.

Sharp objects are obviously prohibited, and at the end of the match each player must clean their bubble because you will sweat...

The other variation of Bubble soccer concerns the duration of the games .

In classic football mode, a Bubble match lasts 3x10 minutes with a change of sides each period;

In tournament mode, Bubble football games are shorter: 2x7 minutes with a change of sides at half-time.

Apart from that, Bubble football is a sport of fair play and good humor that can be summed up in one sentence: have fun and score goals!

To play Bubble…

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