Be recruited by a football training center? our practical advice

It's the Holy Grail for all football fans: to one day become a professional player !
To achieve this, you must first join a training center , which is no easy task...
Juggle Pro , the specialist football site, gives you some advice to make your dream come true.

How to be detected by a professional club?

The good news is that the French detection system is one of the best in the world!
With few exceptions, it is at the age of 12 to 13 that clubs become interested in the best players .
Depending on your level, we advise you to join, at this age, a “sports studies” school or a pre-training center . From there, selections are made to direct the best towards a professional club . If you have talent and your club has good results, then you have a good chance of being spotted by a professional club recruiter, who will offer you to join their team. In France, there are around 30 recognized pre-training centers and it is difficult to be accepted. It's not enough to show up one fine morning to hope to be recruited.
These centers organize open days at various levels to detect the best elements and welcome them into their workforce.

You will find the list of FFF Interregional Hope Poles by clicking here:érs -interregional-fff

And for older children, the list of approved training centers: approved training

What does it take to be detected by a professional club?

Work, motivation, a good spirit and ball technique...
To stand out from the crowd and be spotted by a club , you will have to convince with your placement, your anticipation and your ease in handling the ball. To stand out from the crowd and show the extent of your talent, we advise you to practice, in addition to team football , individual repetition work with a JugglePro skillball. Equipped with an adjustable rope and an ergonomic handle, the JugglePro system allows you to train by multiplying touches of the ball!

To buy a specific school football training ball, click here!

soccer ball juggling training

Also, the National Technical Directorate (DTN) provides an interactive document presenting a modeling of the practice of Football for categories U6 to U13, you will find it below: