How to become an ambidextrous soccer player: practical exercises to work your weak foot on all surfaces

If you are a soccer player, it is crucial to work on your weak foot to become an ambidextrous player capable of playing with both feet . However, this workout can be difficult without the proper tools. This is where the JuggelPro training ball comes into play.

The JugglePro ball is a football training system consisting of a football connected to a handle by an adjustable rope. This system is designed to improve coordination, reaction speed, endurance, ball touch and of course weak foot control. With the JugglePro training ball you can improve your game and become a more versatile player.

Here are some practical exercises you can do with the JugglePro system to work on your weak foot:

  1. Control and passes with the weak foot

To start, hold the ball with both hands and place your weak foot on it. Make checks using only your weak foot, trying to keep the ball close to you. Once you're comfortable with control, try making passes with your weak foot. The objective is to pass the ball from one foot to the other without losing control.

  1. JugglePro ball juggling

Juggling is a great way to work on your weak foot and improve your coordination. Use the JugglePro training ball to juggle with your weak foot. Try to juggle the ball as many times as possible while keeping the ball low.

  1. Dribble in slalom

Set up a slalom course with cones and try dribbling across the course using only your weak foot. Try to keep the ball close to you and control it while making quick, precise movements.

  1. Weak foot shots

Once you are comfortable with the JugglePro ball , try shooting with your weak foot. Place the ball in front of you and try to shoot with your weak foot, aiming for a specific goal. Start with short distance shots and gradually increase the distance.

You can improve all surfaces of your weak foot, including the inside, outside, and instep . The practical exercises mentioned above can be modified to specifically work on each of these surfaces.

By working regularly with the JugglePro training ball , you will be able to improve your game significantly. The practical exercises mentioned above are a great starting point for working on your weak foot. With practice and perseverance, you can become an ambidextrous and versatile player thanks to the JugglePo system.

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