How much does a private football coach cost?

In addition to club training, many amateur footballers now call on a personal fitness trainer or sports coach.

Indeed, if for some the summer break rhymes with vacation and rest, for others it is the ideal time to improve their physical condition for the next season.
So what is the role of a private football coach? Why are more and more players using it? And what is the price?

JugglePro tells you everything on the subject.

Why hire a private football coach?

Becoming a pro is the absolute holy grail for many young amateur footballers. And to make their dream come true, some work hard, body and soul, to be in top shape before club training resumes.

The private football coach is one of the best solutions for working individually and progressing at your own pace.

Indeed, each session is established according to the position, the playing time of the past year, the current form, muscular imbalances, injuries contracted in the past, or even morphology.

For each player, the work is different, but the objectives remain the same:

  • work on weak points
  • prepare yourself physically by working on speed, endurance and strength training
  • progress in technical movements and precision
  • follow a lifestyle worthy of a professional player

How much does a private football coach cost?

Pre-season physical preparation, weekly sessions and nutritional advice, the private football coach will give you plenty of advice during your training hours. And to take advantage of your experience and make progress in order to reach the high level, you will have to pay on average €23 per hour.

But be careful, prices vary enormously depending on the reputation of the coach or their diplomas. Indeed, if the minimum price of a Football lesson is 10€, it can sometimes reach around 50 euros per hour with a renowned coach or one who has revealed young talents.

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